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Ken Arnold - Endorsements

Groups, Organizations

California State Democratic Party (CADEM.ORG)
California Labor Federation (AFL-CIO)
California Park and Recreation Society (
National Association of Social Workers, CA Chapter (
Democracy for America - Orange County (
Progressive Democrats of America - Orange County Chapter
California Teamsters (
California Council of State Building and Construction Trades
Women For: Orange County (
Elections Committee of the County of Orange (

Elected Officials

Loretta Sanchez, United States Congress
John Chaing, California State Controller
Bill Lockyer, California State Treasurer
Lou Correa, California State Senator
Debbie Cook, Huntington Beach Mayor and Congressional Candidate
Gus Ayers, Fountain Valley Councilmember and former Mayor
Mark Rosen, Garden Grove Mayor Pro Tempore
Jim Moreno, Trustee Coast Community College District


Jim Brandt, former Congressional Candidate
The Reverend Dr. Karen Stoyanoff "I know Ken to be a man of high integrity who will serve us well as a representative. He is wise and intelligent".
Rich Gillock and Stephanie Campbell
Benny Diaz
Vern Nelson, musician, blogger, activist
Bill Honigman, M.D., President, Orange County Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America
Charlie and Birdie Reed, activists
Lou Delgado, Photographer

Special Thanks to the campaign contributors (partial list)

Jeff Merrick and Pat Alviso Hosted "Campaign Champagne Cruise"
Stephanie Campbell and Rich Gillock Hosted House Party
Stephanie Pecheco
Al Snook (former candidate 68th AD)
Loretta Sanchez
Scott McKown and Lousie Stewardson
Susan Kopicki
Lorraine Prinsky
Jim Moreno
Melahat Rafiei, DPOC Executive Director
Rosalind Freeman
Gus Ayers, FV City Council
Dean Inada
Sandy Goldfarb
Amin David
David Martin II
Robert Stipp
Kevin Carr Plus website construction and hosting
Cynthia Berger
Rev. Dr. Karen Stoyanoff
Lousie Stewardson
Desiree and Jay Funsch
Roberta and Charles Reed
George and Isabel James
Marko and Karen Markovich
Theodore (Ted) and Odette Gotsch
Patrica (and Phillip) Goodman
Mark Tabbert
Laura Sweet
Gordon and Evie Wilson
Gary Reynolds
Ina Gries
Sue and Dennis Berman
Pauline Younkin
Roger Wolverton
Carl Weibel
Madeline Rae Jensen
Linda Valdez
M. Joan (and Pamela J.) Mortenson
Haig and Jean Parechanian
Aileen Marie G. Antonio
Betty Pierce
Marge Arnold
Ronnie and Teresa Renish
Christopher Hilger
James Stevenson
Beatrice Almeida
Jay and Marquita Miller
Sharon Cotrell


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Ken Arnold

Ken Arnold is the Democratic Candidate for the 68th Assembly District.
Friends of Ken Arnold, FPPC ID# 1305976