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Ken Arnold - Issues


I am sorry that I do not yet have a comprehensive set of issue statements on this website.

My top areas of concern besides the state economy and budget are education, environment, energy and health care.

But what I am really about is bringing real representation to the district.
Being someone that will listen and care.
I would really like to hear what your thoughts are about our schools, community colleges, colleges and universities, roads, state parks, Highway Patrol, courts, justice and prison systems, DMV, Worker's Compensation, medical and other professional liscensing, insurance control, election systems, sales and property taxes, National Guard, utility regulation and rates, and other issues and areas under state jurisdiction.
To write to me, Please use the link on the contacts page until I have my fully interactive website available.

I have posted much of my positions at various other locations on the internet.

On the League of Women Voter's Website, you will find more biography, political philosophy and brief discussion of some issues.

Though I intend to represent my constituents views, I have been open enough to present
all my personal views in the "Political Courage Test".

Which my opponent has refused to do.

So if you want to learn more about his positions you can see part of his voting (and non-voting) record here, and ratings of that voting record by some organizations here.

Again, I intend to serve the people of the district and want to hear your concerns and positions.
I hope I have your support and will hear back from you.


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Ken Arnold

Ken Arnold is the Democratic Candidate for the 68th Assembly District.
Friends of Ken Arnold, FPPC ID# 1305976